The Polish Music Center is currently conducting an inventory and cataloguing of its collection. This process began in January 2005 and will continue into the foreseeable future. During that time, all requests for the use of PMC materials (books, scores, journals, etc.) must be submitted via e-mail to:, listing the author, title and any other identifying information for the requested item or items. The PMC will do its best to accommodate all research requests in a timely manner. PMC Library items will be made available at the Special Collection Room, Doheny Library, at a pre-arranged time to researchers who are willing to abide by the applicable rules and restrictions regarding its use.

PMC Materials can be viewed in the Special Collections Reading Room, located on the second floor of the Doheny Memorial Library, room 206. All users of the Archives Reading Room are subject to being monitored during their visit and must adhere to the following:
    1. Have an confirmed appointment, scheduled via e-mail (address listed above);
    2. Supply a valid photo ID;
    3. Bring no personal items (except for a laptop computer) to the Reading Room (pencils and note cards will be provided);
    4. Only one researcher may use a set of materials at a time;
    5. Handle all loaned items with care;

All researchers are advised that copyright holder's written permission is required prior to the reproduction of certain types of materials. Such permission must be obtained prior to making any photographic reproduction. The copying of original materials is at the discretion of the curators. Some originals may not be copied due to fragility and/or size. Also, files cannot be copied in their entirety. A list of reproduction services and fees is available upon request.

All researchers are required to credit the Polish Music Center at the Thornton School of Music and the USC Archives as the source of documents or photographs used.

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