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Compiled by Wanda Wilk in 1996


MACHL, Tadeusz (1922-)
OLYMPIA OCD 314: Etude no. 2: Etude no. 5

MACIEJEWSKI, Roman (1910-)
POLSKIE NAGRANIA PNCD 039: Requiem (Missa Pro Defunctis) for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, chorus and orchestra

MALAWSKI, Artur (1904 - 1957)
Important composer, conductor, teacher and violinist. Recipient of many national awards for composing and teaching.
OLYMPIA OCD 316: Tatra triptych for piano
OLYMPIA OCD 327: Overture (1948)

MAXYLEWICZ, Wincenty (1685-1745)
Composer of vocal and vocal-instrumental music.
OLYMPIA OCD 320: Gloria tibi trinitas

MELCER-SZCZAWINSKI, Henryk (1869-1928),
OLYMPIA OCD 398: Concerto for piano & orchestra no. 1 in E minor

MEYER, Krzysztof (1943- )
Composer, pianist, teacher. Recipient of many awards for composition in Poland and abroad - twice by the International Tribune of Composers at UNESCO (for II String Quartet of 1970, and III String Quartet in 1976)
. MUZA SXL 1054: Concerto for violin
OLYMPIA OCD 323: Concerto for violin and orchestra
PRO VIVA ISPV 101: String Quartet no. 4 and no. 5
" " " 109: Preludes 1-24 for piano: Sonata for violin solo; Sonata for flute solo
PRO VIVA ISPV 114: String Quartet
" " " 127: Symphony no. 6 ("Polish")
" " " 135: Trio for violin, cello and piano
PRO VIVA ISPV 151 CD: String quartets 1, 7, 8.
PRO VIVA ISPV 147 CD: Quintet for clarinet and string quartet
PRO VIVA ISPV 162 CD: String quartets 4, 6.
PRO VIVA ISPV 174 : Preludes (24 ) for piano.

MIELCZEWSKI, Marcin (died 1651)
(Myel-chev-skeeh, Mahr-cheen)
Outstanding composer of vocal a capella, vocal-instrumental and instrumental music.
OLYMPIA OCD 317: Vesperae dominicales
OLYMPIA OCD 322: Benedictio et claritas
DORIAN DISCOVERY DIS 80136: Canzona Prima a 2

MILWID, Antoni (late 18th c.)
DORIAN DISCOVERY DIS 80136: Semper mi Jesu

MLYNARSKI , Emil (1870-1935)
POLSKIE NAGRANIA PNCD 074: Violin concerto no. 2 op. 16; Symphony in F, Polonia

MONIUSZKO, Stanislaw (1819-1872)
(Moh-nyoosh-koh, Stah-nee-suave)
Contemporary of Chopin; father of Polish opera. Poland's "Schubert" wrote more than 400 songs, cantatas, masses, ballets, symphonic works, 2 string quartets, and many organ & piano pieces.
AGORA MUSIC 3-509: Haunted Manor, opera
AGORA MUSIC 902 : Songs.
CHANT DU MONDE LDC 278 1093: Ostra Brama Litanies no. 4 (1855); Mass in E minor for children's choir & organ (1855); Motet Ecce lignum crucis ( Here is the tree of the cross ) for baritone, choir & organ (1872); Plotrowin mass in B flat major (1872)
CHANT DU MONDE LDC 278 831/32: String Quartets no. 1 & 2
278 889/90: Opera Halka
" " " " 278 915: Complete works for piano duet
" " " " 278 1093: Sacred Music
CPO CD 999 113: Overtures
CPO 999 032: Halka,opera
MUZA SXL 0253: Highlights from the opera Straszny Dwor
OLYMPIA OCD 314: Prelude on the Theme Bitter Sorrows;
Prelude on the theme of Psalm XC
OLYMPIA OCD 386: Opera overtures
OLYMPIA 395: Sacred Music ( Mass in E flat, Litanie Ostrobramski, Vide humilitatem,)
OPERA WORLD C1534: Opera Haunted Manor (3 LP records)
" " C1535: " " " (3 CDS)
" " A1125: Melodies (LP record)
" " A1318: " (CD)
" " A1388: " (tape cassette)
Polskie Nagrania PNCD 092: Opera Halka
Polskie Nagrania PNCD 093: Opera Straszny Dwor
Polskie Nagrania PNCD 220: Songs
Polskie Nagrania PNCD 275: Selections from Halka (opera)
Polskie Nagrania PNCD 285: Selections from Halka (opera)
Polskie Nagrania PNCD 322: Songs and Arias
Polskie Nagrania PNCD 247: Selections from Verbum Nobile (opera)
Polskie Nagrania PNCD 080: Selections from Halka (opera)

MOSS, Piotr (1949 - )
Vienna Modern Masters VMM 3024: Valses for orchestra

MOSZKOWSKI , Moritz [Maurycy] (1854-1925)
ART & ELECTRONICS AED 88022: Suite in G for two violins and piano
ANALEKTA CLCD 2016: Etudes for piano
AARCADIA - AKADEMIA 112: Per aspera ad astra (15 etudes for piano)
AUDIOFON CD 72006: Concerto in E for piano & orchestra
CBC RECORDS SMCD 5140:Concerto in E for piano & orchestra
COLLINS CLASSICS COL 1412: Piano music
ELECTRA NONESUCH 79117-2: Suite in G for two violins and piano.
HYPERION CDA 66452: Concerto for piano in E, op. 59
IN SYNC C 4160:Concerto in E for piano & orchestra
KOCH SCHWANN SCH 315802: Piano 4 hands
LONDON LON 6006: Spanish Dances op.12
ONDINE CD ODE 818: Piano concerto in E major op. 59
STGBY 647: Concerto in E op. 59
TURNABOUT 115710-2: Piano Concerto
VAI AUDIO 2- VAIA/IPA 1020: Caprice Espagnole for piano
VOX BOX 2 CDX5047: Operatic Paraphrases & Transcriptions
VOX BOX CDX 5066: Concerto in E for piano & orchestra

NOSKOWSKI, Zygmunt (1846-1909)
OLYMPIA OCD 381: Quartet for piano in D, op. 8
OLYMPIA OCD 389: Morskie Oko , symphonic overture; The Steppe, symphonic poem; symphony in c Elegiac.

NOWOWIEJSKI Feliks (1877-1946)
Composer of many songs and music based on national themes.
CPO 2 - CPPO 999274: Concerto no. 4 for organ; symphony no. 4 for organ, Symphony no. 6 and no. 7 for organ.
OLYMPIA OCD 314: Polish Fantasy Christmas Eve at Wawel Cathedral in Cracow
POLSKIE NAGRANIA PNCD 052: Organ Symphonies no. 2, 3, 5

OGINSKI Michal Kleofas (1765-1863)
Aristocratic amateur musician/composer and diplomat. Composed many vocal romances and Polonaises, elevating the latter to the elegiac and melancholy type.
MUSICAL HERITAGE SOCIETY MHS 3784L: Eighteen Polonaises for piano.

PACIORKIEWICZ Tadeusz (1916- )
OLYMPIA OCD 314: Sonata for organ

PADEREWSKI, Ignacy Jan (1860-1941)
(Pah-deh-rev'-skeeh, Ee-gna-tsee)
Most famous and popular pianist of his time, composer, humanitarian and diplomat, who spent his time and fortune in making Poland independent after World War I and again during World War II.
ACCORD ACD 201732: Concerto for piano & orcherstra; Fantasie polonaise for piano & orchestra
ACCORD ACD 242852: Complete Piano Works (Malicki)
ADDA 581186: Complete Piano Works vol. 1 (Malicki)
ADE 680: Paderewski playing a Chopin Valse
AMBITUS AMB 97830: Sonata in A minor for violin & piano op.13
CHANT DU MONDE 2781073: Piano music (almost all) (3CDs)
ELAN CD 2266: Concerto for piano & orchestra
HYPERION CDA 66452: Concerto for piano and orchestra.
KOCH SCHWANN 3-1145-2: Concerto for piano and orchestra; Fantasie Polonaise.
KOCH SCHWANN 3-1176-2: Danses polonaises for piano; Humoresques de concert;
Nocturne in B flat; Tatra Abum; Variations and fugue
NEWPORT CLASSIC NC 60020: Minuet in G; Humoresques de concert for piano op.14
NEWPORT 85525: Piano concerto; Polish Fantasy
" " " MHS4103K: Sonata in E flat for piano; Variations & fugue
" " " MHS4246K: Un moment musical
OLYMPIA OCD 302: Concerto for piano & orchestra (1888); Polish Fantasy for piano & orchestra; Sonata
OLYMPIA OCD 305: Symphony in B minor "Polonia"; Polish fantasy for piano &orch.
OLYMPIA OCD 398: Concerto for piano & orchestra in A minor op. 17
PAVANE ADW 7283: Sonata in A minor for violin & piano op.13
POLSKIE NAGRNIA PNCD 105: Concerto for piano and orchestra; Fantasie Polonaise.
PRICE-LESS C74447: Fantasie polonaise for piano & orch; Concerto for piano &orch.
RCA 60923: Minuet
SELENE 2-CD 9201.3/9203.6: Complete Piano Works vols. 1 and 2 (Radziwonowicz).
SELENE 2-CD 9302.9/9306.13: Complete Piano Works vols. 3 and 4.
SOUND CD 3446: Concerto in A for piano & orch.
TURNABOUT CT-3487: Concerto in A for piano & orch. op. 17.

PALESTER, Roman (1907-1989)
Outstanding composer of this century who left Poland in 1949 to settle in Paris.
PRO-VIVA ISPV 175: Concertino for alto saxophone and string orchestra

PALLASZ, Edward (1936-)
VERITON SXV 909/910: Supplicatio (Cantata ad victoriam Viennen Viennensem celebrandam 1683-1983)
PRO-VIVA ISPV 129: March for wind quintet

PANUFNIK , Andrzej (1914-)
Pianist, composer, conductor, recipient of many prizes and awards in Poland and abroad. In 1963 his Sinfonia Sacra won the Prince Rainier Composers Competition. Commissioned by the Boston Symphony to write a symphony for their Centennial.
BC RADIO CLASSICS IMP9124: Symphony no.8 ( Sinfonia Votiva).
CONIFER 182: Bassoon concerto (in memory of J. Popielusko); Violin concerto Hommage a Chopin for flute & strings
CONIFER 206: Symphony no. 9 Sinfonia della Speranza ; Piano concerto
CONIFER CLASSICS 74321-16190-2: Quartet no. 1 for strings; Quartet no.2 and no.3; Sextet for strings; Song to the Virgin
ELEKTRA NONESUCH 79228-2: Arbor Cosmica; Symphony no. 3
HMCD 010: Cello concerto
HYPERION CDA 66050: Symphony no. 8 (Sinfonia votiva) (1981) LP
LOUISVILLE LOU 624: Sinfonia elegiaca
" " " LOU S654 Nocturna
" " " LOU S671: Rhapsody for orchestra
NMC. NMC10: Concerto for cello and orchestra
NONEUSCH 79228: Sinfonia Sacra
UNICORN UKC: Autumn music; Tragic overture; Heroic overture; Nocturne; Sinfonia Rustica
" " " UKCD 2020: Sinfonia sacra: Concerto festivo

PENDERECKI, Krzysztof (1933-)
(Pen-deh-rets'-key, Ksheesh-tov)
Leader of the Polish avant-garde in the 1960's and probably best know Polish composer's name abroad. Introduced new notation to reflect the new sound language in vocal and orchestral music. Recent commissions include an opera for the U.S. bicentennial celebration and an oratorio for the 3000 anniversary of Jerusalem.
ANGEL 65077: Awakening of Jacob, Canticum Canticorum Salomonis, Capriccio for violin, de Natura Sonoras no. 1 & 2, Fonogrammi, Saint Luke Passion, & Symphony no. 2 Christmas
BIS LP62: 3 Miniatures for clarinet & piano (1956)
CORO 3116: 3 Miniatures for violin & piano (1959)
CARUS 8632: 3 Miniatures for clarinet & piano
CRYSTAL S335: 3 Miniatures for clarinet & piano
DENON DC8006: Capriccio for oboe & 11 strings
DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON 429 720: Polish Requiem
ELEKTRA/NONESUCH H71201: Capriccio no. 2 for violin & orch.(1967); De natura sonoris (1966)
EMI IMPORTSCDM 65077: De Natura Sonoris; Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima
ERATO ECD 75321: Concerto no. 2 for cello & orch; Partita for harpsichord, elect. guitar, bass guitar, harp, contrabass & orch (1971)
FOYER 2038: Polymorphia for 18 strings
GASPARO 102: Capriccio per Siegfried Palm for cello (1968)
LOUISVILLE LOU S722: De natura sonoris no. 2
MUZA SXL 1840: Violin concerto
" " " 2319/20: Polish Requiem
NUOVO ERA 033-6705: Violin Concerto
OLYMPIA OCD 328: String quartet no. 2
OLYMPIA OLY 329: St. Luke Passion, Symphony no. 2 Christmas
ORFEO 285.931: Concerto for cello and orchestra no. 2 & Concerto for violin and orchestra
PHILIPS 446 328-2PH2: Opera The Devils of Loudun
PNCD 017A & B: St. Luke's Passion; Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima; Polymorphy; Psalms of David; Dimensions of time & silence; String Quartet
" " " 018: Utrenija: Entombment & Resurrection of Christ
" " " 019: Violin Concerto, Symphony no. 2 Christmas
" " " 020: Cello concerto no. 2; Awakening of Jacob; Adagietto; Concerto for viola & orchestra
" " " 021: Polish Requiem, Dies Irae
POINT 101: Pittsburgh Overture
RCA 60370: Cappriccio
THOROFON CTH 2017: Violin Concerto
VIENNA MODERN MASTERS 3010: Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima & Concerto for viola and orchestra
" " " 3015: Dies Irae
WERGO 60172: Concerto for viola and orchestra
" " 60020: Anaklasis for strings & percussion (1960); Psalms of David for chorus & percussion (1958); Fluorescenses for orch. (1961); Stabat Mater for 3 choruses a cappella

PENHERSKI, Zbigniew (1935-)
OLYMPIA OCD 324: Incantioni I for 6 percussionists (1972)

PERKOWSKI, Piotr (1901- )
OLYMPIA OCD 315: Symphony in D


PREISNER, Zbigniew ( 20th cent.)
ANGEL CDQ 55357: Feast of July film soundtrack for orchestra.
DRG DRGCD12606; DRGMC 12606: Europa, Europa;Oliver, Oliver- film soundtrack for orchestra.
VARESE SARABANDE VSD 5443: The Secret Garden - film score for orchestra.
VARESE SARABANDE VSD 5406 VSC 5406: Damage film score for orchestra
VIRGIN V21Z 39027: Blue film soundtrack for orchestra.
VIRGIN V21Z 398602: Red - film soundtrack for orchestra.
VIRGIN MOVIE MUSIC V21Z 39662: White - film soundtrack for orchestra.

PRZYBYLSKI, Bronislaw (1941- )
PRO VIVA ISPV 173: String Quartet no. 2

PTASZYNSKA, Marta (1943-)
Outstanding percussionist, composer and teacher. After graduating with three diplomas (composition; percussion; music theory) in Poland studied under Nadia Boulanger in Paris and at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Lectured in Vermont, UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara.
OLYMPIA OCD 324: Jeu-parti for vibraphone and harp
PRO VIVA ISPV 152: Epigrams for women's choir, flute, harp, piano & percussion; Space Model for solo percussion.; Moon flowers for cello and piano
POLSKIE NAGRANIA PLN 075: Concerto for Marimba & Orchestra;La Novella d 'Inverno; Songs of Despair and Loneliness for voice and piano.

RATHAUS, Karol (1895-1954)
Composer, pianist, teacher. Professor at Queens College, New York from 1940. His arrangements of Polish folk songs for mixed chorus were published in the U.S.
COMPOSERS RECORDS INC. SD-559: Ballade, op. 40 (1936); Kujawiak (1942); The Oblation and Sweet Music for mezzo-soprano & piano; Sonata for clarinet & piano; String Quartet (1954).
THOROFON ETHK 341/44: Sonata for clarinet & piano (1927)

REGAMEY, Constantin (1907-1982)
GALLO 30-418: Etudes for soprano & piano (1955); Quintet for clarinet, bassoon,violin, cello & piano (1944); Sonatina for flute & piano (1946)
GRAMMONT CD52-2: Alpha (cantata) for tenor & orch (1970); Cinq poemes deJean Tardieu for mixed chorus (1962); Autographe for chamber orchestra

ROGUSKI, Gustaw (1877-1946)
OLYMPIA OCD 314: Prelude in A minor for organ

ROHACZEWSKI, Andrzej (ca. 1620)
DORIAN DISCOVERY DIS 80136: Canzon a 4

ROZYCKI, Ludomir, (1883-1953)
(Rooh-shih'-tskey, Loo-doh'-meer)
OLYMPIA OCD 306: Ballade for piano & orch; Symphonic poem Anhelli; Highlights from ballet Pan Twardowski; Symphonic scherzo Stanczyk

RUDZINSKI, Witold (1913-)
OLYMPIA OCD 324: Variations and fugue for solo percussion

RUDZINSKI, Zbigniew (1935-)
OLYMPIA OCD 316: Sonata for piano

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