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Joseph Micallef, president
12630 N.E. Marx St.
Portland, OR 97230-1059
Toll Free: 800-288-2007

Distributes compact discs by OLYMPIA, ERATO, PIERRE-VERANY.

Assumption Choir Polish Hymn Tape/Book Collection includes a set of recordings of Polish traditional choral music. More information is available from the Choir's web site, or from the Choir's Director Joseph C. Brozeski:

Assumption BVM Choir
15 Spring Street
Oil City, PA 16301
Tel: 814-677-4090
Web Site: Assumption Choir Tapes


2037 Granville Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025-6103
Tel: 310-478-1311
Fax: 310-996-1389

Official distributor for MARCO POLO which is reissuing Polish recordings of Szymanowski's orchestral works.

Selected recordings:

  • Chant du Monde LDC 278831/32. CHOPIN: Chamber music & MONIUSZKO: String Quartets
  • " " " " 278889/90- MONIUSZKO: Opera "Halka"
  • " " " " 278902- CHOPIN-TAUSIG: Piano Concerto; WIENIAWSKI: Piano Concerto;
  • " " " " 278915- CHOPIN-MONIUSZKO Variations for piano duet
  • Hyperion CDA 66215- LUTOSLAWSKI: "Dance Preludes"
  • " """ KA66324- CHOPIN: Preludes, Berceuse, Fantaise
  • Pierre-Verany PV789091- CHOPIN: Preludes, Ballade, Fantaisie, Scherzo
  • Unicorn-Kanchina UKCD -CHOPIN: Scherzos, Fantaisie
  • " " " " 2016- PANUFNIK: Tragic Overture, Autumn Music, Heroic Overture
  • " " " " 2020- PANUFNIK: Sinfonia Sacra, Concerto festivo


12037 Starcrest Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78247
Toll Free: 800-222-6872

Selected recordings

  • AMB 97830- BACEWICZ: Sonata for violin, no. 5
  • Schwann SWN 11615- GORECKI: Third Symphony; 3 Pieces in Old Style
  • Titanic TTC 163- Karol LIPINSKI: Concerto for violin
  • Deutsche Gramophon DGG 423-245- LUTOSLAWSKI & PENDERECKI String Quartets
  • Unicorn UNK 9066- LUTOSLAWSKI: Dance Preludes
  • CPO 999032- MONIUSZKO: Opera "Halka"
  • Unicorn UNK 2016- PANUFNIK: Tragic Overture, Autumn Music, Heroic Overture
  • Erato ERA 75321- PENDERECKI: Concerto for cello & orch, no. 2; Partita for harpsichord, guitar, etc.
  • Nuova Era NUO 0336705- PENDERECKI: Concerto for violin & orch;
  • Adda ADA 581054- SZYMANOWSKI: 9 Preludes, Etudes
  • Moss Music MMG 10013- SZYMANOWSKI: Violin Concertos 1 & 2
  • Preludio PDO 2149- SZYMANOWSKI: Violin Concerto no.2
  • Divertimento 3100- Violin Collections: WIENIAWSKI: Obertas; Kujawiak & Scherzo- tarantelle; LUTOSLAWSKI: Recitativo; SZYMANOWSKI: Notturno
  • Chant du Monde CDM 278902- WIENIAWSKI: Concerto for piano
  • London LON 421716- WIENIAWSKI: Concertos for violin
  • Arabesque ARA 6597- WIENIAWSKI: Concertos for violin & Paganini Variations
  • Deutsche Gramophon DGG 410 526- WIENIAWSKI: Violin Concerto no. 2
  • Angel/EMI ANG 47107- WIENIAWSKI: Violin Concerto no. 2
  • Olympia OCD 319- ZWIERZCHOWSKI: Requiem


2 Tri-Harbor Court
Port Washington, NY 11050-4617
Toll Free: 800-688-3482
Fax: 516-484-1259

Official distributor in the U.S. for Polish recordings (OLYMPIA, POLSKIE NAGRANIA).

Selected recordings :

  • PNCD 40-45 (Volumes 1-6) of LUTOSLAWSKI's works
  • PNCD 017-21 (Volumes 1-4) of PENDERECKI's works
  • Schwann/Musica Mundi CD 314-001H1- SZYMANOWSKI: Songs for voice and orchestra (Love Songs of Hafiz; Songs of the Infatuated Muezzin; Songs, op. 5; Songs of the Fairy Princess).
  • Schwann/Musica Mundi CD 311065H1- LUTOSLAWSKI: Dance Preludes for clarinet


2451 Nichols Canyon
Los Angeles, CA 90046-1798
Tel: 213-876-6040

Mr. Herschel Gilbert is producer & distributor for his own company and for GSC which is devoted to Hindemith exclusively. He also produces all the works of Robert Muczynski (an American of Polish descent) which includes all his piano music, Piano trios, 2 pieces for orchestra, etc.

  • LAUREL 123- SZYMANOWSKI: String Quartets no. 1 & 2


6525 N. Sheridan Rd. #Sky 905
Chicago, IL 60626
Toll free: 800-547-LIRA (547-5472)
Fax: 773-508-7043

The Lira Ensemble is a professional performing arts company specializing in Polish music, song, and dance. The mission of the Ensemble is to "help acquaint Polish Americans with the richness of their thousand-year-old heritage of music and dance, and to help other Americans learn about and appreciate Polish culture and traditions." The ensemble includes the Lira Singers, the Lira Chamber Chorus, the Lira Chamber Orchestr, the Lira Children's Chorus, and the Lira Dancers. It is based at Loyola uniersity's Lake Shore campus on the North Side of Chicago as artist-in-residence. The group performs widely in Midwest states and around the country. Some of its recordings are listed below. The Ensemble's musical groups also appear on programs of WCEV radio, Chicagoland ethnic radio, of Milagal Communications Corporation. The WCEV radio covers the Chicago metropolitan area and offers programs in many languages (Polish, Lithuanian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Arabic, Bulgarian, Ukrainian).

The Lira Dancers have a web page: Lira Dancers. The Lira Ensemble may be reached by phone, fax or mail.

Selected recordings (available on CD or tape):

  • "A Collection of Polish Folk Music" by the Lira Singers
  • "Polish Carols & Hymns" by the Lira Singers
  • "Beloved Polish Songs" by the Lira Singers (with booklet of texts and translations)
  • "Ring in a Polish Christmas!"
  • "Marian Meditations": Polish Hymns in praise of the Virgin Mary
  • "Music of Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki" (with Miserere, Euntes ibant and flebant, Amen, Wislo moja)


95 Nassau Avenue,
Brooklyn, New York NY 11222
Tel: 888-718-0202 and (718) 389-0202
Fax: 718-349-1332, e-mail:
Web site:
Motto: "Gdzie Polonia kupuje muzyke" [Where Polonia buys their music].

A website where you can buy Polish music and listen to the bestsellers in streaming RealAudio. Huge selection of rock, disco, power dance and popular Polish music.


1710 Highway 35
Ocean, NJ 07712
Tel: 201-531-7003

Selected recordings:

  • 1323L: DANCE MUSIC of the RENAISSANCE from the Tablature of Johannes of Lublin
  • 1473W: LUTOSLAWSKI: Dance Preludes for clarinet & piano
  • 1485A: TELEMAN: "Polish" Trio Sonata for recorder, violin & harpsichord
  • 1905L: BADARZEWSKA: Maiden's Prayer; PADEREWSKI: Minuet in
  • 3136L: SZYMANOWSKI: Piano Sonatas no. 1 & 3
  • 3294X: WIENIAWSKI: Polonaise Brillante
  • 3525L: PADEREWSKI: Minuet in G(also found in 1730H, 1905L, 1906H, 1139X, 1730)
  • 3784L: 18 Polonaises by Prince Michael OGINSKI
  • 3979Y: WIENIAWSKI: Scherzo
  • 4236T: Piano music by five women composers, including Grazyna BACEWICZ's Etudes no. 2 & 8
  • 4246K: Music of the Romantic pianists includes CHOPIN and PADEREWSKI.


4301 22nd Street, Suite # 64
Long Island, NY 11101
Tel: 718-389-7818
fax: 718-383-5152

Carries music of more popular type, e.g. Polish folk songs, Christmas carols, MONIUSZKO operas.

Selected recordings:

  • CHRISTMAS CAROLS: Mazowsze spiewa koledy; Koledy & pastoralki Bobby Vinton singing "Santa must be Polish"
  • FOLK MUSIC: Echo ojczyzny; Mazowsze albums
  • POPULAR MUSIC: Irena Santor, Mieczyslaw Fogg, Jantar, Kocon, Lady Pank, Piwnica pod Baranami, etc.
  • OPERA: MONIUSZKO's operas, "Halka" and "Straszny Dwor"
  • New RELIGIOUS songs & English language cassettes


    Order CD and tapes from: Poland Import Export
    4216 Bettina Ave.
    San Mateo, CA 94403 USA
    Note that "Music From Poland" is no longer associated with Polonia Channel. The organization distributes many recordings of popular, folk and art music of Poland, including new imports from Poland. A selection of titles (much more is available, including Mazowsze recordings, Christmas carols and so forth):
    • PNCD006, CHOPIN: Mazurkas. Performers include: H. Sztompka, H. Czerny-Stefanska, Fou Ts'ong .
    • PNCD078 ELSNER, Jozef: Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi op. 65
    • PNCD092, MONIUSZKO, Stanislaw: Excerpts from the opera Halka
    • PNCD142, KARLOWICZ, Mieczyslaw and SZYMANOWSKI, Karol: Violin Concerti
    • PNCD180, KIEPURA, Jan (tenor, perf.): 25 Most Popular Songs and Operetta Arias
    • PNCD113, KRAUZE, Zygmunt: Aus aller Welt stammende, Tableau Vivant, Symphonie Parisienne, Quatuor pour Naisance
    • PNCD018, PENDERECKI, Krzysztof: Utrenja - Burial of Christ and Resurrection (Jutrznia)
    • PNCD021 (two CD set), PENDERECKI, Krzysztof: Polish Requiem
    • PNCD115, POLDOWSKI (WIENIAWSKA, Irena): Songs, performed by H. Januszewska, T. Baczewska
    • PNCD075, PTASZYNSKA, Marta: Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra, Songs of Despair and Loneliness for voice and piano La Novella d'Inverno
    • PNCD076, STACHOWSKI, Marek: Sapphic Odas, Divertimento, String Quartet no 2, Madrigali dell'estate
    • PNCD063, SZYMANOWSKI, Karol: Stabat Mater op.53, Symphony No. 3 ( "Piesn o nocy" ) op.27, Demeter op. 37 bis, Litania op.59


    374 Congress St.
    Boston, MA 02210
    Toll Free: 800-336-7372

    Selected recordings:

    • D1635: CHOPIN Songs on compact disc performed by Elisabeth Soderstrom and Vladimir Ashkenazy
    • C1534: MONIUSZKO Straszny Dwor - Haunted Manor (3 records)
    • C1535: MONIUSZKO Straszny Dwor - Haunted Manor (3 CDs) (3 compact
    • A1125: MONIUSZKO Melodies sung by Teresa Zylis-Gara (LP Record)
      A1388: (tape cassette)
      A1318: (compact disc)
    • D1655: SLAVIC OPERA arias sung by Teresa Zylis-Gara


    4583 Clark Road, Suite B
    Sarasota, Fl 34233-3423
    Toll Free: 800--278-9393

    Distributors of videos, CD and books of Polish origin. Recordings include CDs by POLSKIE NAGRANIA, DUX and other companies with Polish classical, popular and folk music.


    2930 N. Milwaukee Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60618
    Tel: 773-486-6700

    Concentrating more on popular music: Polish religious music, folk music (Mazowsze & Slask); soldiers songs Polish Big Beat and Rock music.

    Classical recordings:

    • MUZA SXL 0253 - MONIUSZKO highlights from Straszny Dwor
    • 1072 - KARLOWICZ: Symphony op. 7 The Revival
    • 1254 - KARLOWICZ: Violin Concerto
    • 1317 - SZYMANOWSKI: Harnasie
    • 1545 - SZYMANOWSKI: Symphony no. 3
    • 1546 - SZYMANOWSKI: 3 Fragments from the Litany to the Virgin Mary
    • 1563 - SZYMANOWSKI: James Joyce Songs
    • 1564 - SZYMANOWSKI: Mythes for violin
    • 0980 - SZYMANOWSKI: Songs
    • 0981 - SZYMANOWSKI: Symphony no. 2; Roxanne s Songs
    • 0977 - BACEWICZ: Piano Works
    • 1840 - PENDERECKI: Violin Concerto
    • 2319/20 - PENDERECKI: Polish Requiem
    • 0462 - BAIRD: Epiphany; Four novelettes; chanson des trouverses
    • 1054 - MEYER: Concerto for violin; DABROWSKI: Concerto for 2 pianos and percussion
    • 1370 - LUTOSLAWSKI: Livre pour orch; KILAR: Krzesany


    Andrew Rafalski
    225 Cambridge Dr.
    Langhorne, PA 19046
    Fax: 215-860-6185
    Intersound GmbH
    Schlebingerstrasse 10D
    8000 Munich 80

    Music by outstanding contemporary Polish composers, such as Marta PTASZYNSKA, Augustyn BLOCH, Roman PALESTER, Krzysztof MEYER, etc...

    Selected recordings:

    • ISPV 101 - MEYER: String Quartets no. 4 & 5
    • 102 - Selections for tuba by Marian BORKOWSKI, Zdzislaw PIERNIK,
    • Boguslaw SCHAEFFER, Elzbieta SIKORA, R.W. ZAJACZEK
    • 106 - Augustyn BLOCH: Carmen Biblicum; Anenaiki
    • 108 - BLOCH: Ayelet, Jephtah's Daughter; Wordsworth Songs
    • 109 - MEYER: Piano Preludes; Sonata for violin solo
    • 111 - WISZNEWSKI: Sonata for cello solo; WROBEL; Duo for flute & horn
    • 114 - MEYER: String Quartet no. 6: BARGIELSKI: Quartetto per archi 2.
    • 115 - W. NOWAK: UFO; Z. KOZLIK: Variants 106 for accordion
    • 116 - PRZYBYLSKI: Arnold Schonberg in memoriam String Quartet
    • 119 - ZAJACZEK: Missa in annuntiatione beatae Mariae Virginis
    • 121 - BARGIELSKI: Ikar & Traumvogel for accordion;
    • 123 - Piotr MOSS: Meditations; Quartetto per 4 sassofoni; & Dialogues for violin & piano
    • 124 - DUTKIEWICZ: Concerto & Six Meditations Toccatina 2
    • 125 - ZAJACZEK: Metabasis; Canzona Ebraica; Collage; String Quartet
    • 126 - BLOCH: Oratorium for organ; Supplicazioni (cello/piano)
    • 127 - MEYER: VI Symphony (Polish)
    • 129 - KILAR: Quintet for winds; PALLASZ: Marchen; STACHOWSKI: Pezzo grazioso; DUTKIEWICZ: Music for Five; BARGIELSKI: Butterfly cage (all for wind quintet)
    • 131 - BLOCH: Fantasia; Jubilate & Sonata for organ
    • 133 - Roman PALESTER: Concertino
    • 137 - BORKOWSKI: Speranza; DUTKIEWICZ: Spectra; SKOCZYNSKI: Images
    • 139 - WISZNIEWSKI: Duos
    • 141 - Misc. Chamber works for harp, mandolin: BARGIELSKI: Arc-en- ciel; ZAJACZEK: Accenti; WISZNIEWSKI: Ballade; MOSS: Suite;
    • 143 - Piotr LACHERT: B.W.
    • 144 - Vocal works: Piotr MOSS: Gloria, Salve Regina, Der du bist; ZAJACZEK: Caro mea; Pange Lingua
    • 152 - PTASZYNSKA: Epigrams (choral); Space Model (perc); Moon flowers for cello & piano


    Ron Mannarino, V.P. Classical Division
    24-02 40th Ave.
    Long Island City, NY 11101
    Tel: 718-937-8515
    Fax: 718-729-3239

    Selected Recordings:

    • BIS-LLP-62: PENDERECKI: Miniatures for clarinet & piano with music by Mendelssohn, Stravinsky, etc...
    • PEARL GEMM 136, 150, 140, 179, Vol. 1-4 Paderewski performing miscellaneous composers
    • OPAL 812/13: Moritz Rosenthal playing CHOPIN, Schumann, Schubert
      819/20: Josef Hofmann playing CHOPIN, etc...
      802/03: Ignaz Friedman playing CHOPIN, Mendelssohn etc...
    • CALLIOPE CAL 1668: LUTOSLAWSKI's Dance Preludes


      P.O. Box 1140
      Goleta, CA 93116
      Tel/Fax: 1-805-687-0327

      Selected recordings:

      • OLYMPIA OCD 303 - SZYMANOWSKI: Opera King Roger & Harnasie
      • SCHWANN CD 11615 - GORECKI: Symphony no. 3; Three Pieces in the Old Style




      1800 M Street N.W.
      Washington, DC 2006
      Toll Free: 800-237-2930
      Carries OLYMPIA and MARCO POLO labels.

      Search their home page for recordings of Bacewicz, Chopin, Gorecki, Lutoslawski, Penderecki, Paderewski, Szymanowski. More limited selection of music by Baird, Karlowicz, Moniuszko, Palester, Serocki, Szymanowska, and others.

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