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Mikołaj Zieleński was a bandmaster and organist at the court of the primate Wojciech Baranowski in Lowicz. It is not known since when and for how long he was in this position. Also unknown are the dates of his birth and death. (However, Wojciech Baranowski was a primate from 1608 until 1615). Some suggested that Zieleński studied in Venice but there is no proof of that even though his works were published there. Zieleński's preserved compositions are as follows: Offertoria totius anni and Communiones totius anni, together 122 works which were published by Vincentius in Venice in 1611. The collection of Offertoria is made up of 56 compositions. The first 44 works are based on liturgical text of offertoria. The text of the others consist of two communions, one magnificat, and nine different religious texts. Except for the Magnificat which is for 12 voices (3 choirs for 4 voices) all the other compositions are for 8 or 7 voices( 2 choirs for 4 voices, 1 choir for 4 voices, and 1 choir for 4 voices and 3 voices).

The first edition of Offertoria totius Anni contains 8 books for voices and one score for organ which contains extreme voices of each choir (Cantus et Bassus Primi et secundi chori, in the Magnificat as well as Cantus et Bassus tertii chori). The books for voices, which was known to exist in Wrocław until 1939 was partially lost during the World War II. The part which still exists is Cantus primi chori, Tenor primi chori, Altus secundi chori, Tenor secundi chori, can be found in the University library in Wrocław. One copy of Partitura pro organo (the only one known) is in the Museum Czartoryski in Krakow. The other copy of Cantus primi chori is in the Jagellonnian University in Kraków. According to A. Chybinski in his dictionary of Polish Musicians (1949) another copy of a score for voices is in the Baworowski Library in Lwów.


Offertoria Totius Anni

In Prima Missa Nativitatis Domini

In Secunda Missa Nativitatis Domini

In Tertia Missa Nativitatis Domini

In Festo S. Stephani Protomartyris

In Festo S.Joannis Apostoli et Evangelistae

In Festo Sanctorum Innocentium

In Festo S. Silvestri Papae

In Epiphania Domini et per Totam Octavam

In Festo S. Antoni Abbatis

In Festo Cathedrae S. Petri

Commune Plurimorum Martyrum

In Festo S. Andreae Apostoli

In Festo Purificationis B.M.V.

In Festo S. Matthiae Apostoli

Commune Sanctorum

In Festo Annuntiationis B.M.V.

In Dominica Resurrectionis

Feria Secunda Paschae

Feria Tertia Paschae

In Festo S.S. Philippi et Jacobi Apostolorum

In Festo Sanctae Crucis

In Festo S. Matthaei Apostoli et Evangelistae

In Festo Ascensionis Domini

In Festo Pentecostes

Feria Tertia Pentecostes

In Festo Sanctissimae Trinitatis

In Festo Corporis Christi

In Communi Plurimorum Martyrum Extra Tempus Paschae

In Festo S.S. Joannis et Pauli Martyrum

In Festo Visitationis, Nativitatis, Praesentationis et Conceptionis B.M.V.

In Festo S. Mariae Magdalenae

In Festo S. Jacobi Apostoli

In Festo Transfigurationis Domini

In Festo S. Laurenti Martyris

In Festo Assumptionis B.M.V.

In Festo Decolationis S. Joannis Baptistae

In Festo Exaltationis S. Crucis

In die Dedicationis Basilicae Michaelis Archangeli

In Festo Omnium Sanctorum

In Festo Dedicationis Ecclesiae

Commune Virginum

In Festo S.Ignatii Episcopi et Martyris

In Festo S. Nicolai de Tolentino

A Nativitate Domini Usque ad Purificationem B.M.V.

Communio in Festo Pentecostes

Communio in Festo S.S. Apostolorum Philippi et Jacobi

Motetto de Transfiguratione Domini

Motetto de S. Alberto

Motetto de S. Stanislao

Motetto de S. Ignatio

Secunda Pars

Motetto in Festo Paschae

Motetto de S. Spiritu

Motetto de S. Dominico

Deus in Adiutorium


Communiones Totius Anni

In Prima Missa Nativitatis Domini

In Festo S. Stephani

In Festo S. Joannis Apostoli et Evangelistae

In Festo Purificationis B.M.V.

Feria Tertia Resurrectionis Domini

In Festo S. Catherinae Virginis et Martyris

In Festo S. Andreae Apostoli

In Festo S.Nicolai Episcopi et Confessoris

In Festo S. Luciae Virginis et Martyris

Dominica Post Pentecostes Vigesima Tertia,

Dominica Tertia, Quarta, Quinta et Sexta Post Epiphaniam

Dominica in Sexagesima

Dominica in Septuagesima

Dominica Octava Post Pentecostes

Dominica Nona Post Pentecostes

In Festo Cathedrae S. Petri

In Conversione S. Pauli Apostoli

In Festo Annuntiationis B.M.V.

Feria Tertia Pentecostes

In Festo S. Laurentii Martyris

In Festo Conceptionis B.M.V.

In Festo S. Thomae Apostoli


In Festo S. Mariae Magdalenae

In Festo Transfigurationis Domini

In Festo S. Martini Episcopi et Confessoris



In Festo Dedicationis Ecclesiae - Domus Mea

In Nativitate Domini ad Tertiam Missam - Viderunt Omnes Fines Terrae

In Festo Sanctorum Innocentium - Vox in Roma

In Festo S. Matthiae Apostoli - Vos Qui Secuti Estis Me

In Festo Paschae - Pascha Nostrum

In Festo Inventionis Sanctae Crucis - Per Signum Crucis

In Solennitate Corporis Christi - Quotiescumque Manducabitis

In Festo Omnium Sanctorum - Beati Mundo Corde

Motetto de Sancta Cruce - Adoramus te Christe

Motetto in Festo Paschae - Haec Dies

Feria Secunda Paschae - Surrexit Dominus

In Festo S. Stanislai - Ego Sum Pastor Bonus

In Ascensione Domini - Psallite Domino

In Festo Sanctissimae Trinitatis - Benedicimus Deum Caeli

Feria Secunda Pentecostes - Spiritus Sanctus Docebit

In Festo S. Joannis Babtistae - Tu Puer Propheta

In Festo Assumptionis B.M.V. - Optimam Partem

Motetto - Levavi Oculos Meos

Motetto - Domine Deus in te Speravi

Motetto - O Gloriosa Domina

Motetto - In Monte Oliveti

Motetto - Benedicite Deum Caeli

Motetto. Secunda Pars - Ipsum Benedicite

In Epiphania Domini - Vidimus Stellam Eius

In Festo S. Marci Evangelistae - Laetabitur Iustus

In Festo S. Matthaei Apostoli et Evangelistae - Magna est Gloria Eius

In Festo Dedicationis S. Michaelis Archangeli - Benedicite Omnes Angeli

In Festo S.S. Tyburtii, Valeriani et Maximi Martyrum - Gaudete Iusti in Domino

Motetto - Contere Domine

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