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(b. 1911, Warsaw - d. 1991, Warsaw)

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Stefan Kisielewski was born on March 7, 1911 in Warsaw. He was a composer, publicist, music writer and critic, writer, journalist, and teacher. In 1927 he entered the State Conservatory of Music in Warsaw, where he received three diplomas: in theory (1934, under Kazimierz Sikorski), in composition (1937, also under K. Sikorski) and in pedagogical piano (1937, under Jerzy Lefeld). He also studied Polish literature and philosophy at Warsaw University and completed his composition studies in Paris, in the years 1938-39.

Kisielewski began composing in 1932, being also active in other fields. From 1935 to 1937 he was secretary the editorial staff of the bimonthly "Polish Music" and he contributed criticism to that journal. In 1939 he took the position of musical director of the Warsaw Broadcasting Station. During the German occupation he worked as an accompanist and music teacher. He lost the majority of his pre - war compositions during the Warsaw Insurrection. After the Second World War he settled in Kraków, being active as a composer, teacher and organizer. He lectured on harmony, counterpoint and instrumentation at the State Higher School of Music in Kraków in the years 1945-49. He was the initiator and first chief editor of the quarterly Ruch Muzyczny [Musical Movement] in the years 1945-48. Later , in 1957, when Ruch Muzyczny was reactivated, he belonged to its editorial staff until 1959. Since 1945 he cooperated with the weekly "Universal Weekly", specializing in journalism and music criticism. He had his column in this publication. In the years 1965-68 he was chief editor of the publication "Syncopation", issued by Art and Film Publishers.

Kisielewski has written a number of fiction books and crime stories, as well as essays and books on music, politics and literature. Among them are PWM's publication, such as With Music Through the Years - musical essays (PWM, 1957), Musical Constellation - composers' profiles, vol.1 (PWM, 1959, 4th ed. - 1982), Music Between Eras (PWM, 1956), Music and the Brain (PWM, 1974). He was awarded a number of prizes, such as, the First Prize at the Competition for a song to Mickiewicz's words (for Baktchysarai at Night for voice and piano - 1955), Second Prize at the Polish Music Festival ( for Concerto for Chamber Orchestra - 1955), Musical Award of the city of Kraków (1956), Musical Award of the Alfred Jurzykowski Foundation (New York, 1973), Andrzej Strug Award (Warsaw, 1979) and Award of the Polish Composers' Union for his composer's creative work, as well as writing on music (1982).

For more information about this creative person, a detailed listing of his writing, and his compositions, visit the site maintained by Mr. Soszyński in Britain.


Orchestral Works

Overture - 1938 (lost)

Symphony No. 1 - 1939 (lost)

Concerto for Chamber Orchestra - 1943 (reconstructed in 1948)

Rustic Rhapsody - 1950

Symphony No. 2 - 1951

Little Overture - 1953

Perpetuum Mobile - 1955

Chamber Symphony - 1956

Ballet Polka, from the ballet "Sunday on the Vistula River" - 1957

Symphony for 15 Performers - 1961

Divertimento for Flute and Chamber Orchestra - 1964

Journey in Time, in 1 movement for string orchestra - 1965

Sports Signals, overture for great symphony orchestra - 1966

Amusement Grounds, symphonic suite from the ballet - 1967

Rencontres dans un desert for 10 instruments - 1969

Cosmos I - 1970

Symphony in a Square - 1978

Chamber Music

String Quartet - 1935 (lost)

Trio for oboe, clarinet and bassoon - circa 1940 (lost)

Sonata for clarinet - 1944

Suite for flute and clarinet - 1961

Rencontres dans un Desert for 10 performers - 1969

Dialogues for 14 instruments - 1970

Music for Solo Piano

Variations - 1933 (lost)

Sonata No. 1 - 1936 (lost)

Danse Vive - 1939

Prelude and Fugue from Six Preludes and Fugues - 1943 (partly lost)

Toccata - 1943

Serenade - 1945 (1st version), 1974 (2nd version)

Sonata No. 2 - 1945

Fantasy - 1949

Dance Suite - 1951

Rustic Caprice - 1951

Moto Perpetuo - 1953

Suite - 1955
  • Prelude
  • Prelude
  • Minuet
  • Gavotte
  • Air
  • Toccata

The Magic Carriage , music to two excerpts from K.I. Gałczynski's poem - 1959
  • Allegro Cantabile "About a Sailor and a Girl" - for voice and piano
  • Allegro Furioso alla Polacca - Waltz "The Drunken Elephant"

Berceuse - 1968

Vocal-Instrumental Music

Tune from the Kurpie Region for women's choir and folk band - 1951

Songs for Voice and Piano

The Osiers - 1943

Five Songs to words by K.I. Gałczyński - 1952
  • Autumn
  • A Visit
  • A Wild Rose
  • Fatamorgana
  • Caravan

Seven Songs to words by K.I. Gałczyński - 1952-54
  • Cradle Song of a Cradle
  • A Tune
  • The Blind Sleepwalker's Prayer
  • About Our Household
  • Request for Happy Islands
  • About My Poetry
  • Bazaar

Baktchysarai at Night to words by A. Mickiewicz - 1955

Two Tunes from the Film "The Galoshes of Fortune" to words by S. Mrozek - 1958
  • The Galoshes of Fortune
  • Recollections from Paris

The Magic Carriage, music to two excerpts from K.I. Gałczyński's poem - 1959
  • Allegro Cantabile "About a Sailor and a Girl"
  • Allegro Furioso alla Polacca - Waltz "The Drunken Elephant" - for piano

Mr. Ink-Blot's Extraordinary Adventure, song from the comedy, to a poem by J. Brzechwa - 1967
  • Mr. Ink-Blot's Academy
  • A First-Class Mechanic
  • At Klimontow
  • Travel, Travel
  • When Famous Guests Arrive
  • When You Double Your Strength
  • Our Ditty
  • Long Live The Cog-wheels !
  • Three Fiancees
  • All People Should Be Loved
  • Phantasy Above All

Instrumental Works with Piano

Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano - 1932

Intermezzo for clarinet and piano - 1951

Suita per Oboe e Pianoforte - 1954

Capriccio Energico for violin and piano - 1956

Sonata for clarinet and piano - 1972

Stage Works

Polish Devils, ballet - 1957

The System of Doctor "Tar" and Professor "Feather", ballet-pantomime in 1 act - 1962

Amusement Grounds, ballet in 1 act - 1967

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