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(b. 1961, Warsaw)

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Jacek Grudzień was born in 1961 in Warsaw. He studied composition with Włodzimierz Kotoński and improvisation with Szabolcs Esztenyi at the Warsaw Academy of Music. Grudzień's compositional debut took place at the International Festival of Contemporary Music "Warsaw Autumn" in 1983. He has participated in the International Courses for Young Composers at Kazimierz Dolny, Darmstadt, Patras and Dartington. In 1986 he received a postgraduate scholarship granted by Witold Lutosławski. He went to London where he studied electronic music and MIDI systems.

Grudzień is a winner of the Young Composers' Competition organised by the Polish Composers' Union (second prize - 1988) and the Polish nationwide competition for a classical guitar piece. His music has been performed in France, Japan, Switzerland, the United States and Germany. He has collaborated with the Polish Radio Experimental Studio and has established himself as a composer of film music.


Chamber Music

For Elise or the Nightmare of a Pianist, instrumental theatre for oboe, clarinet, 2 trombones, percussion and piano - 1985

Hologram II for string quartet - 1988

Sea Wind for clarinet or soprano saxophone and piano - 1993

One Jubilee Rag for clarinet, trombone, cello and piano - 1995

Nonstrom for clarinet, trombone, cello and piano - 1996

Gagliarda for string quartet - 1996

Concerto per sassofono soprano ed archi - 1996

Electroacoustic music

Sonosfera for tape - 1985

Night Sounds for tenor saxophone and digital delay - 1987

Somnus for tape - 1988

Movement II for double bass and tape - 1992

Missa brevis - 1992

Trees for alto saxophone and tape - 1992

Tritons for harpsichord and tape - 1993

Hyacinth Girl for soprano and tape - 1995

Vocal-Instrumental Music

Lumen for mixed choir and symphony orchestra - 1987

Music for Solo Instruments

Tristaniana for piano - 1984

Turdus musicus for amplified harpsichord - 1984

Music from the Window for 2 violins - 1985

Interludium for piano - 1986

Androvanda for guitar - 1986

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