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Lutosławski Award—International Composers' Competition

The Witold Lutosławski Society was founded in 2000 in Poland with purpose of protecting and promoting the artistic and spiritual heritage of Witold Lutosławski and to promote performance of his works. In this spirit, the Society announced its LUTOSŁAWSKI AWARD—International Composers Competition.

The competition is open to composers of all nationalities and ages. The following types of unpublished and un-premiered compositions will be considered: string quartet, works for violin and piano, cello and piano, oboe and piano, clarinet and piano, voice and piano; the use of tape and live electronics will not be permitted. The text in a piece for voice and piano may be in any language, although an English translation must be included. The length of the work may be between 15 and 30 minutes.

For further information contact:

Lutosławski Award
ul. Jasna 5
00-007 Warsaw, POLAND
Tel: 011 48 22 826 5617
Fax: 011 48 22 643 6481

Kazimierz Serocki International Composers' Competition

This competition is held every three years. It is organized by the International Society for Contemporary Music (Polish Section), i.e. Polskie Towarzystwo Muzyki Wspolczesnej as a tribute to Kazimierz Serocki, one of the most prominent modern composers. The competition is open to composers of all nationalities without age limit. Submitted works should not be previously performed or published. Three prizes are awarded and the works are performed at an ISCM concert. In addition, Mrs. Serocki gives a special award to the first prize winner. The total value of prizes is $ 10,000.

For more information contact:

ISCM Polish Section
Polskie Towarzystwo Muzyki Wspolczesnej
ul. Mazowiecka 11
00-052 Warsaw, Poland
Tel: (48) (22) 827-69-81
Fax: (48) (22) 827-78-04

Annual Andrzej Panufnik Young Composers Competition

Klub Muzyki Wspolczesnej "Malwa"
ul. Mikolajska 2
31-416 Krakow, Poland
Tel/Fax (48) (12) 411-61-16

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