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Martina HOMMA

General Editor and Owner, Bela Verlag Music Publisher, Cologne, Germany. Specialist in Polish music after World War II, sketch studies and gender issues; Chair of ISCM Cologne section and of Frau Musica (nova). Dr. Homma received her doctorate in 1995 for the Witold Lutosławski monograph from the University of Cologne. The author of over 40 scholarly articles, including studies of Lutosławski, Panufnik, Górecki, as well as Bach and Schumann, dictionary entries on contemporary Polish composers, reviews and essays. Homma served as author and editor of books about Paweł Szymański (forthcoming) and Krzysztof Meyer (with M. Jabłoński). Her most recent publication is an edited volume of studies of women composers, Frau Musica (nova), (Sinzig: Studio Verlag, 2000). Her scholarly interests range from 19th and 20th century music, through gender studies and women composers, sketch studies, and reception history.

Dr. Homma completed studies in piano, music theory, pedagogy (Cologne Music Academy), and in philosophy, German studies, musicology, Slavonic studies (Cologne University). She is a recipient of grants from the German Academic Exchange Council for two years of post-graduate-studies in Poland (Cracow, Warsaw). As a lecturer she has been teaching at the Cologne Music Academy (counterpoint, score reading), and as the visiting professor at the University of Siegen 1998/1999. Her list of publications may be found at: www.homma.de. For her work as publisher visit www.bela-verlag.de.
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Sandra P. Rosenblum is best known for her book, Performance Practices in Classic Piano Music: Their Principles and Applications, which was selected a Choice Outstanding Academic Book of 1989. She has edited sonatas by Scarlatti and Clementi and is the author of numerous journal articles on performance practices in keyboard music of the Classic and Romantic periods, subjects on which she has also lectured widely. Ms. Rosenblum has held two appointments as Fellow of the Radcliffe Institute for Independent Study, a Fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies, and has been a grantee of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Her current research is concerned with the history of performance practices in Chopin's music as well as reception of that repertoire. Formerly Ms. Rosenblum was on the Music Faculty and was Chair of the Department of Performing Arts at Concord Academy.
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James Parakilas is acting chair of the Music Department and past chair of the Humanities Division at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. He holds the PhD in Musicology from Cornell University and other degrees from Amherst College, Yale University, and the University of Connecticut. He is the author, with collaborators, of Piano Roles: Three Hundred Years of Life with the Piano (Yale University Press, 2000). This book, which forms part of the project Piano 300 under the leadership of the Smithsonian Institution, has been awarded the 2000/2001 award of the Association of American Publishers (Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division) for the outstanding book in the Arts category. His other scholarly publications include Ballads without Words: Chopin and the Tradition of the Instrumental Ballade (Amadeus Press, 1992); a critical anthology of piano ballades (A-R Editions, 1990); and articles on musical exoticism (including "The Soul of Spain" in The Exotic in Western Music, ed. Jonathan Bellman), musical historicism, the formation of musical canons, political and religious representation in nineteenth-century opera (including "Religion and Difference in Verdi's Otello" in Musical Quarterly), and Bartók's folksong arrangements as a project in nationalist pedagogy (also Musical Quarterly). From 1995 to 1998 he was co-editor of the Journal of Musicological Research.
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