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Vol. 2, Nos. 1-2. 1999. ISSN 1521 - 6039


Chopin in Warsaw's Salons

List of Illustrations

Halina Goldberg


  • Figure 1: Antoni Orłowski's "Waltz on Themes by Fryderyk Chopin," published by Brzezina (Jagiellonian Library,  Kraków); a typical example of fashionable publishing trends.

  • Figure 2: The Kazimierz Palace; the Chopins' apartment in the right wing (National Museum, Warsaw).

  • Figure 3: A lithograph of the Zamoyski Palace, where Izabela Czartoryska's daughter Zofia hosted literary meetings (National Library, Warsaw).

  • Figure 4: The salon of Princess Teresa and Prince Maksymilian Jabłonowski where musical evenings were held (National Museum, Warsaw).

  • Figure 5: Fryderyk Chopin's Rondeau op. 1, dedicated to Mme. Linde, who hosted a musical salon. First edition published by Brzezina (Chopin Society, Warsaw).

  • Figure 6: Niccolò Paganini on the cover of an arrangement of his composition made and published by Karol Magnus after the virtuoso's visit in Warsaw (Jagiellonian Library, Kraków).

  • Figure 7: A Lithograph by R. Babajev features a chamber orchestra similar to the one described here. Lithograph held in Central State Museum of Musical Culture (Moscow), reproduced after Musikgeschichte im Bildern: Konzert, vol. 4 no. 2.


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