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Notes for Contributors

Guidelines for Submissions
  1. The Polish Music Journal welcomes submissions of scholarly articles on all aspects of Polish music, especially dealing with the less researched subject areas and topics.

  2. All submissions should be written in English, though proposals of material in other languages may also be considered if the author makes provisions for the English translation of the text.

  3. The article should not exceed 30 pages of standard type-written manuscript, including the references and notes, there should be no more than 10 musical examples and graphic elements (such as photographs, diagrams, drawings, etc.).

  4. The author should adhere to the standards of scholarly writing as presented in the Chicago Manual of Style giving particular attention to proper formatting of notes and bibliographical references.

  5. Articles under consideration elsewhere will not be reviewed for publication in the Polish Music Journal.

  6. Each article will be reviewed by two independent scholars, either members of the board, or other specialists in Polish music invited to contribute their expertise to this Journal.

  7. Rejected submissions may be accepted for review again, after the author revises the text in accordance with the suggestions of the reviewers.

  8. The authors will assign copyright to the Polish Music Journal while the Journal will allow reprints to be published in the authors' collections of essays, etc.

Final Submissions for Publication

  1. The submissions should be sent in in hard copy, on 81/2' by 11' paper, double spaced, with margins (throughout!).

  2. The paper version of the text should be accompanied by an electronic copy on 31/2' floppy disc in IBM-compatible format, wordprocessing program-type Word or Wordperfect (not higher than 7 for Word, 6.1 for Wordperfect). On the disc the text should be accompanied by a separate file of endnotes, the list of musical examples and figures, and references.

  3. All the examples and illustrations should be reproduced on individual sheets of paper, with camera-ready captions typewritten or printed underneath the examples, in the form that the author wishes to see published electronically.

  4. Inclusion of sound files in the Real Audio format is encouraged. The files should not exceed 30 seconds each and should be submitted on a floppy disc, or electronically, as an attachment to e-mail message sent to: polmusic@email.usc.edu.

  5. The author is responsible for obtaining permissions to use material under copyright (score fragments, photographs, sound samples). It is the author's responsibility to provide the editors with copies of the copyright permission letters from all the publishers.

  6. The editors may change the layout and subtitles in the text in the process of electronic formatting.

  7. The location of all notes in the text will be indicated as [1] with underline and color [1] that will point to their status as internal text links ( of the "a name" type). The actual notes will be listed at the end of the paper and available for consultation.

  8. In order to facilitate the use of the Journal on the Internet, only small copies of the musical examples are included in the body of the text. Hypertext links to larger images are be provided; these files have to be downloaded separately. The sound examples, if present, could likewise be downloadable, not in the format of "streaming audio."

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